Outplacement coaching for separating employees

Outplacement coaching for separating employees

Whether it is the result of business disruption associated with today’s uncertain and volatile times, a strategic business transformation, or the integration of an acquisition, organizations are regularly faced with making difficult decisions about talent. Letting valued employees go, whether through a mass layoff or termination, is never easy. Their tenure and contributions to the company, often coupled with the unexpectedness of job loss, can be an emotional and distressing time not only for them, but for the colleagues they leave behind. How departures are handled can have a lasting influence on the remaining employees’ morale and retention, and the organization’s ability to acquire top talent in the future.

Separating employees: Job loss can result in heightened financial insecurity, emotional anxiety, and substantial challenge in finding new employment. Offering outplacement services provides individuals with a competitive edge by helping them learn how to approach the job market to secure a new and satisfying career.

Remaining employees: Providing career transition support for separating colleagues reassures the remaining workforce by showing what they would receive if they were also asked to leave, and demonstrates the organization’s investment (interest) in helping them successfully transition.

Employer brand: Recognizing that separating employees eventually may fuel the future talent pipeline, a positive departure experience helps to elevate their willingness to return—should an opportunity arise—and to serve as good alumni of the company.

MBM Coaching & Consulting has a long and successful track record of partnering with hundreds of organizations to support their separating leaders and employees. Our career transition programs include both highly personalized individual coaching as well as group workshops for all organizational levels. Our systematic process ensures close collaboration with participants to explore, prepare for, and secure new employment.

Outplacement Services Are No Longer a Secondary Perk

Outplacement solutions are about people and their ability to work to support their families. Offering separating employees a professional service shows that employers care about their ability to move forward.

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Outplacement Benefits
  • Speeds up a separating employee’s transition into a new role or career path, reducing their anxiety and potential financial stress
  • Showcases a level of respect and appreciation for those separating, positively influencing their decision to return to the organization if a future opportunity presents itself
  • Builds an employee-centric culture that makes remaining employees feel secure, motivated, and dedicated to the future of the organization
  • Strengthens an organization’s brand, reinforcing commitment to their core values and dedication to the well-being of their remaining employees, enabling them to continue to attract top talent
  • Reduces the likelihood that disgruntled employees will post negative online company reviews and comments, or take potential legal action