Leadership coaching for leadership growth, development, and transition

Leadership coaching for leadership growth, development, and transition

Every level of leadership comes with its own unique set of challenges. What constitutes effective leadership for first line leaders of others shifts in significant ways at each successive leadership level of your company’s leadership pipeline.

Whether becoming a first-time frontline leader or assuming a senior leadership role with increased span of control and visibility, leaders often struggle to navigate these transitions successfully. Leaders moving up first must become aware of what needs to change—in how and what they delegate, their increased span of influence, and the broader reach of their decisions—and then enact those changes. Failure to make these changes can adversely affect engagement, create organizational inefficiency and impede business results.

Our customized leadership coaching supports managers transitioning to the next level of the corporate ladder by ensuring they know what success looks like and are able to make changes that meet higher expectations.

Testimonial – GlaxoSmithKline

Marla has a gift for being able to intuitively understand challenges, concerns, and strengths. This ability to understand coupled with Marla's wisdom and clear insight were essential in taking my performance and leadership to the next level. I continue years later to draw on valuable lessons and insights I gained while working with her.

~ Director, GlaxoSmithKline

Leadership Coaching Benefits:
  • Learn how they impact others and identify critical areas of development to address business, relationship, or personal challenges
  • Cultivate clear vision, self-awareness, and confidence that will prepare them to handle difficult exchanges, individuals, and behaviors that potentially could put their performance, and your business, at risk
  • Assess more accurately the strengths, gaps, and aspirations of their direct reports in order to maximize their engagement, growth, and career satisfaction, making your organization a place where employees want to contribute
  • Strengthen their capacity to coach, empower, and grow their direct reports
  • Sharpen their ability to influence and develop increased organizational savvy
  • Improve their capacity to build and lead a diverse, high performance, and collaborative team
  • Find the balance between increased professional demands and personal commitments