Career coaching, exploration, and transition for individuals wanting to launch or change direction

Career coaching, exploration, and transition for individuals wanting to launch or change direction

Most people at some point in their career question what the right next step is for them. Is this the right company for me? Am I in the right job? Should I pursue a different career? For some, it occurs early in their careers with a college major that no longer resonates. For others, it may be an early, mid or a late-career crisis that has them wondering what they want to do with their lives.

Regardless of when this professional discontent occurs, it warrants attention. Given that we spend an average of 90,000 hours of our lives at work, we deserve to have careers that we find fulfilling. Yet, 87% of employees experience no passion in their jobs—and many feel powerless to change that. Constrained by the investment of education and time in shaping their career, their current financial obligations and the prestige or status they have achieved, it is common to feel trapped in your current situation.

Whether you are a new grad looking for the right start, a mid-level professional considering changing directions, or perhaps a seasoned professional in need of an exit strategy, we can help you find the right path.

The Cold, Hard Truth of Why Millennials Are Feeling Career Distress

Millennials are disillusioned about the future and rightfully so. Many have started their careers in the lull of the 2008 recession and unfortunately things have hardly picked up ever since.

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Career Coaching, Exploration, and Transition FAQs:
  • I’m really unhappy with my job but I don’t know what I want to do instead. Can you help me?
  • Can I afford to invest the time and money to go back to school and start over?
  • My company is going through layoffs. Should I stay the course or look elsewhere?
  • I have a conflict at work; what should I do to handle it and best position myself positively within the company?
  • How do I leverage my education to get a jump start in the workplace?
  • Side-hustles, freelance gigs, and “minternships”, what do you recommend?
  • I’m not quite ready for retirement, and so I’m wondering about an encore career.