Leadership Coaching for experienced, emerging, and newly hired leaders

Leadership Coaching for experienced, emerging, and newly hired leaders

As a leader, your performance and effectiveness is evaluated in large measure by your ability to motivate, engage, develop, and retain your team.

Yet, approximately 3 in 10 Americans say their supervisor lacks clear vision and direction; 1 in 4 feel their career progress is limited because of their boss’s poor leadership; and a majority (62%) say they wouldn’t follow their boss if their paycheck didn’t depend on it

On top of this, leaders are expected to foster a positive, collaborative working environment, foresee potential internal or external challenges, and plan and execute on performance goals.

Let us ease the pressure by supporting you with customized coaching – knowledge, skills, and confidence – to become an effective leader, no matter where you are in your career.

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Leadership Coaching for mid-level and senior leaders

  • Strengthen the way you address workplace challenges
  • Hone your leadership style and determine effective ways to influence others
  • Develop critical skills and approaches to appropriately handle tough conversations
  • Foster a culture of trust and collaboration that positions you as an influential leader
  • Learn how to gain buy-in from peers and management

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Development coaching for emerging leaders

  • Understand your values, strengths, and vision for your professional future
  • Outline an in-depth professional development plan–activities, deadlines, goals–along with clear accountability measures to track long-term results
  • Access opportunities to accelerate and hone your critical strategic, business, and interpersonal skills
  • Gain confidence and competence to contribute to your organization’s performance and growth

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Onboarding coaching for newly hired leaders

  • Co-create a structured 100-day plan to accelerate your individual and leadership contributions
  • Build your credibility early by resolving urgent problems and achieving quick wins
  • Understand expectations of your direct reports, boss, peers, and other key stakeholders
  • Learn the guiding assumptions that comprise your new organization’s culture
  • Evaluate your own organization’s structure and talent to determine if change is needed

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