Development coaching for emerging and high potential leaders

Development coaching for emerging and high potential leaders

Grooming the next generation of leaders is essential for the long-term growth and sustainability of your organization. Millennials are at the core of this target successor group as Baby Boomer and GenX leaders will retire in the coming years. However, only 27% of millennials feel prepared to take on leadership roles due to concern that their leadership skills have not been properly developed. This also contributes to nearly three-quarters of millennials planning to leave their jobs within two years.

Rather than millennials seeing their primary career growth strategy as leaving your company to join another, offer your high-performing and high-potential talent the direction and development they need today, in order to succeed tomorrow.

Whether offering to emerging leaders on an individual basis, or as wrap-around coaching to augment the transfer learning from a corporate leadership development program, our development coaching provides new growth opportunities.

Initiative to retain top talent earns high praise and leads, over time, to successful promotions to executive leadership

Retaining top talent, especially those early in their careers, is one of the most pernicious challenges faced by many companies. When that company is embedded in a traditional industry yet relies on highly competent technical talent, the loss of this talent segment can be disruptive to organizational continuity and sustainability.

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Development Coaching Benefits:
  • Elevate their strategic and interpersonal capabilities with high impact development experiences, accelerating their readiness for future roles
  • Ensure they learn valuable leadership lessons from their development experiences
  • Determine their values, strengths, and vision for their future, aligning their career goals with organizational needs
  • Outline a clear professional development plan–with goals, projects, actions, and deadlines, establishing accountability, and tracking long-term results
  • Equip them with the confidence and competence they need to progressively contribute to your organization’s performance and growth