Team coaching for new or existing leadership and project-based teams

Team coaching for new or existing leadership and project-based teams

Teams have long been the lifeblood of organizations—the essential means for combining and leveraging employee capabilities to produce solid solutions, make better decisions, and deliver stronger business results.

With teams today being more critical than ever to business success, they face new challenges and barriers, such as being geographically dispersed and needing to rely on ever-changing technology to connect and communicate. To be successful in this new environment, teams must adapt and learn to work more collaboratively, a shift that impacts roles, expectations, and culture.

Whether your company needs to launch a new leadership team, a cross-functional team, a project-based team, or refocus and revitalize an existing team, our coaching can help.

A geographically-dispersed global senior team strengthens collaboration for business impact

The President of a global $1 billion division was seeking to strengthen the collaboration among his geographically-dispersed senior leadership team. He felt strongly that the team lacked the full understanding of how they could work together to achieve stronger business performance.

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Team Coaching Benefits:
  • Create or refresh the vision for how they should operate by assessing their current state and developing and implementing a plan to drive the change needed for high performance
  • Consider how the roles of the team leader and team members have transitioned, including understanding how any changes redefine expectations
  • Accelerate the assimilation of new team members, helping them get up to speed and contribute quickly
  • Strengthen collaboration through more open communication, improving the quality and speed of decision making